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Hidden Cancer Cure, Extremely famous on Facebook and other social media is the concept that a cure for cancer has been found but is being suppressed. The cause given for the suppression is universally the same. The idea is that corporations stand to make extra money by using treating a persistent sickness than from curing it. It’s a simple idea with a simple justification, however, the implications are staggeringly complex. If we recall what the sector could need to appear like for this conspiracy idea to be proper, we at once see numerous holes and contradictions.

It’s miles the nature of human wondering to come to be upset with behavior we see as unfair. If we’re instructed that the wealthy and powerful are permitting human suffering to keep for the sake in their wallets, the inclination is to be outraged.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail

Unfortunately, it’s also human nature to justify such feelings once we’ve them. This causes many to awareness on the outrage and forgets to suppose matters through and, when offered with the diverse logical snags inherent to this trope, to rationalize with something justifications and compartmental good judgment is important to preserve the outrage. It’s a primary phenomenon we see with virtually all types of pseudoscience: begin with a conclusion and do whatever it takes to assist it.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

Right here we present 10 reasons why the hidden healing procedures narrative is untenable. We urge human beings to now not most effective remember those factors, however, to also pay attention to how they’re disregarded or defined away by way of conspiracy mongers. We agree with the strategies used to counter these factors pass a protracted way to provide an explanation for why the hidden treatment trope exists and persists, and they screen an incorrect thought procedure instead of any kind of evidential substance. First-rate claims require great evidence, and promoters of the hidden cure conspiracy don’t have any evidence whatsoever: only a narrative. Even worse, the narrative has no internal logical consistency.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail – Top 10 Reasons

We’ve used a cancer treatment to illustrate those factors, but a hidden remedy conspiracy for any disorder faces similar complaint. We’ve additionally selected to temporarily put aside the truth that there are numerous forms of cancer, and that specific types of most cancers would probably require specific healing procedures, in an effort to consciousness on the fantastic logistics that the narrative would require.

1. Not all agencies worried in medical studies are for-profit.

It’s far a fable that everyone research investment comes from companies with company pastimes. Universities internationally frequently interact in research, and charities which include American Cancer Society frequently make contributions funds. Most important breakthroughs in most cancers cure have come from such sources, and in principle, there’s not anything preventing them from locating the “final” leap forward.

That is inconvenient to the conspiracy because without a earnings motive the narrative at once falls aside. It’s like pronouncing that charities committed to ending hunger secretly need kids to starve just so they have got a purpose to maintain the charities active. Even as it’s genuine that charitable organizations now and again become corrupted or had been by no means honest inside the first vicinity, that is commonly due to the actions of one or some humans. This conspiracy demands that anybody in every corporation be perfectly corrupt without fail.

2. Clinical Researchers and their households are just as liable to most cancers and other illnesses as everyone else.

An apparent implication of a “hidden treatment” conspiracy is that researchers and commercial enterprise owners are inclined to put the organization and shareholders ahead of the lives of themselves and their loved ones. It implies that the thousands of people involved in research are flawlessly obedient drones in no way giving in to the temptation to assist someone they care for deeply, or to higher the arena. It manner doctors and scientists ought to be inclined to take a seat and watch their moms, their daughters, and their spouses suffer and conflict with an ailment they recognize themselves to be curable.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

It calls for a single-minded hive-mentality immune to compassion or grief and a willingness to put a single intention in particular private consolation and properly-being. There’s no agency or government on earth that’s ever been capable of operating in that manner. It might actually require a navy of sociopaths that, no matter feeling no sympathy for others, are in some way able to come collectively and collectively agree on a course of action which necessitates self-sacrifice for the sake of their co-conspirators.

3. Even the CEOs of companies won’t be able to make use of their billions if they’re useless from something their businesses should have cured.

Even if you purchase into the concept that effective humans do not care about their pals and households, the very enchantment to selfishness made by the greed/income perspective says they care a super deal approximately themselves. If we have been to word that an awesome majority of company heads and authorities officials have managed to break out cancer, then we might have cause to be suspicious that a cure has been determined and is being stored for a pick few. But that’s not what’s taking place. With each passing year, the listing of rich and effective people who die from cancer turns into greater populated. It consists of company CEOs, politicians, authorities leaders, large pharma personnel, and heads of the nation from around the sector.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

We might believe that those human beings understand of a cure but determine now not to use it as a way to keep away from suspicion. It’s silly to suppose that any of those people, many who have already got notable amounts of cash, could be willing to stand the threat of a slow lingering death just to have a touch greater. It is able to be proper that those humans are so egocentric as to cover a remedy in want in their own advantage but so selfless that they are inclined to die so the conspiracy can continue to be a mystery. Those varieties of contradictions arise no longer from evidence or reasoning, however from making as many assumptions as had to justify the trope of a hidden remedy without taking into consideration their logical implications in enough depth.

4. Many if not most researchers are much more likely to value repute, prestige and private achievement over the sheer amount of cash.

Even if we tacitly take delivery of that scientists and docs do not care about making a difference the sector or helping ill human beings, we still can’t anticipate that the best element they care about is money. Any scientist who finds or participates in research main to a leap forward curve goes to be immediately famous among colleagues and friends. It’s a risk to reveal all the foes and detractors out of your complete existence that you are not a loser, which you are in fact the very quality at what you do. It no longer best manner a Nobel prize, it clearly guarantees statues and complete homes erected in your honor and a point out in actually every scientific and technology textbook.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

It approaches you could set your revenue and work for any corporation you pick out, doing whatever studies you want. It approaches adoration from hundreds of thousands of sufferers and circle of relatives members whom you’ve got stored. Finding a cancer remedy might imply a recognition to rival that of Einsteins and a legacy as a way to persist for the duration of records. It’s not very easy to trust that any scientist would be willing sweep those blessings below the rug at the side of the cure, and the more shallow and selfish the conspiracy claims the scientists to be, the more likely it is that they price general private advantage over mere financial gain on my own.

5. Even as all governments could be in on it, no longer all would make money.

Many such conspiracy theories depend upon cooperation between governments and pharmaceutical agencies, but there are nations with socialized medicine who may want to dramatically reduce their healthcare charges in the event that they had been to reveal hidden treatments that had been being suppressed. Is it likely that they’d be sitting idly through, losing money even as anyone else receives rich? Wouldn’t any USA like to lessen healthcare prices and alternatively spend the cash on things like protection and power development? No, we’d agree with that, in a global where the “hidden cure” conspiracy may be uncovered by means of everybody with a PC and wifi connection, those international locations had by some means ignored it.

6. Pushback from insurance organizations.

Once more, if any conspiracy theorist with a PC can find proof of a hidden cure, then coverage corporations ought to also be aware of it. Why might large insurance companies maintain buying high priced yet inefficacious cure when a cheap and effective cure is available? If hiding the remedy brings within the huge greenbacks, then insurance companies are the ones in large part accountable for paying the invoice.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

They’d have each incentive conceivable to uncover and expose the suppression of superior and cheap cure. Why might they be stimulated to keep quiet even as forking over large sums of money to something they understand to be a fraud? Again, we’d need to accept as true with that they’d someway missed it.

7. Without a doubt, businesses might make lots of money from therapies.

In what universe might a treatment of such monumental efficacy not be marketable? If it may be patented, then the inventors would pass down in records for his or her achievements (which to many scientists is greater precious than simply being ridiculously rich but unrecognized for his or her accomplishments), and the employer they worked for might make billions. Every so often conspiracy theorists replies to this via claiming that the hidden cure might not be patentable, however, that’s no longer a valid argument either (for 2 reasons).

First of all, companies can and do make quite a few cash from non-patented services and products all of the time (such as pharmaceutical organizations). This may encompass promoting widely wide-spread capsules, which in some nations contains most of the people of medicine legally bought, or over-the-counter herbal supplements, which already incorporate a $30 billion industry in their very own right.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

Secondly, it’s not unparalleled for a company to give you a derivative of a natural substance which may be patented. In reality, that’s the case with a considerable part of the medications already out there. Regularly all that is required is the isolation and purification of the energetic compound, and possibly a moderate modification of its chemical structure, or the advent of a selected drug shipping gadget.

8. Businesses are already deciding on cure or prevention over income.

There are already examples of inexpensive products which might be very effective at removing a specific sickness regardless of the fact that letting human beings get sick after which treating them might yield greater earnings per affected person. However, organizations nevertheless create them, which might appear to contradict the declare that companies are so ruthless they’d instead humans go through so they can milk a little extra cash out of them than to market a treatment. Why haven’t vaccines and antibiotics been suppressed?

Is there not extra cash to be crafted from tuberculosis by means of treating the signs and symptoms rather than administering the treatment? Might nobody stand to income if measles has been rampant in American rather than rare? Why might agencies be so selective approximately which healing procedures to cover and which to make use of? Once more, this best makes the experience in case you use logic and reasoning no longer with the aim of finding a fact, but with the purpose of justifying the trope. Begin with the concept that a cure is being hidden and then use something assumptions are had to preserve the narrative, no matter confounding info.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

Also interesting is whilst these people analyze of the HPV vaccine, that’s meant to assist save you cancer, they use the identical flimsy logic to push aside it. They inform you now not to consider it because it’s only a ploy to make cash. In authentic conspiracy theory fashion, the entirety turns into proof of a conspiracy, even if corporations are seeking to prevent cancer instead of deal with it. That is but more indication that these theorists are prompted only to serve suspicion and conspiracy mongering even as having no allegiance to the candid investigation or intellectual honesty.

9. There’s more than one for income business enterprise available, which means opposition.

If you assert that a remedy might ruin a pharmaceutical organization’s profits, then you are also maintaining that locating a cure could be a terrific manner for one specific enterprise to conquer down all the rest. If all other corporations are selling a lifelong routine which treats signs and symptoms but doesn’t remedy, then you definitely best need to set the value of your cure somewhere just under the cost of that routine to make tons of money whilst also devastating your rivals. You then can leverage the status that comes along with your remedy as weight when asking for donations, while searching for buyers, whilst deciding on companions and whilst making use of for loans. You could enjoy the thousands and thousands of greenbacks in free advertising and advertising which attaches your company call to achievement. You furthermore may have the brought gain of now not looking your family dies of a curable disorder just so that you can guard the profits of your shareholders.

It isn’t even essential for an organization to find their own cure first. They could still use the conspiracy against itself. If one of them blew the lid off of some alleged mystery treatment or uncovered a fatal flaw in a remedy advanced by a competitor, they could mop up the floor with their competition. They might then market themselves because the business enterprise you could trust. Consider all the nefarious things they might then break out with if the general public noticed them as being above suspicion. Although it was really that there is no money in a remedy, the conspiracy itself creates a fantastic possibility for anybody organization to upward thrust to the pinnacle and then have cover to do something different corrupt factor they please. The extra grasping and ruthless a company are, the much more likely they’re to take benefit of this possibility. It’s stupid to assume these corporations haven’t any trouble double-crossing the general public, but would by no means consider double-crossing every different.

10. Hiding the cure would price extra.

Sport theoretic calculations are loads greater diffused than the overly simplistic worldview that hidden cure conspiracy theorists generally tend to keep. Every organization complicit in the conspiracy might need to weigh the chance and outcomes of being double-crossed through their competitors and of each single scientist previously on their payroll in opposition to the anticipated advantages. As we’ve pointed out, a conspiracy this huge would require cooperation from many entities that would, in reality, lose cash. So as for the conspiracy to work, each of these entities could need to be incentivized to live quiet; in different words, they’d be paid more than they might lose. That’s every country with socialized healthcare and each coverage agency which can pay for treatments. Don’t forget about that every medical doctor, researcher, and scientist worried in any element might want to be paid a quantity sufficient to triumph over any temptation to squeal.

Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail - Top 10 Reasons

Clinical trials are a necessary part of drug discovery. That’s even extra statistics to suppress and more people who want to be paid off. All of this comes after the billions spent on research and improvement to find the cure in the first location. Also needed would be a small military of henchmen capable of dispatching with individuals who will now not cooperate, and with finances enough to cool this all up. This navy might also be required to screen unbiased and rival researchers and would want to get to them earlier than they stumbled onto the cure themselves, with a purpose to both pay them off or kill them. At that point, the feed tag for having the privilege of holding the hidden remedy could probably be in the trillions. To any organization in this function, having a cure to cover would be a burden: no longer a boon.

Strictly speak me, it can be viable to continually amend the hidden cure conspiracy idea with an in no way ending regress of evidence-free ad hoc assumptions to make the narrative appear to grasp together. Indeed, that could be an indispensable characteristic and attraction of maximum grand scale conspiracy theories.